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terrible in life is not that th
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Tēma: terrible in life is not that th

terrible in life is not that th 1 gads, 1 mēnesis atpakaļ #2969

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In the early morning, a red sun is preparing to leap from the Xiangjiang River, and at this time, the mountains are still hazy. In the morning sun, walking alone on the path to the courtyard, I can occasionally see a few cleaners who are cleaning the leaves. When a gust of wind inadvertently blows through, the yellow leaves of the branches fall awaken the sleeping partner on the road Marlboro Red, once again dancing in the wind, intertwined together. For me from the North, this scene is too familiar, Northland That's the fall, and I don't know how many times I have seen it in my dreams. But this time it is not the scene of the fall of the Northland. This wind is the spring breeze of April. This leaf is the leaf of the early spring Wholesale Cigarettes. This fragrant spring is the spring of the Star City, unique and poetic. It��s been two years since I came to Star City. For Star City, I��ve been more impressed by entertainment and the reputation of Yuelu Academy. After living for two years, I feel the deepest of Star City��s climate. Some people say that Star City only has the distinction between winter and summer, and there is no difference between spring and autumn, because the winter is rainy and cold, and the cold is abnormal. In the summer, the sun is shining and the temperature is high. There is no obvious spring and autumn season between winter and summer. If it is sunny, it is like spring, the sun is shining, the climate is warm, but if it is rainy, the wind is blowing, the rain is cloudy, giving people the feeling of autumn rain. Two years ago, with the beauty of the university, with the dream I am eager to come here to study. After the adaptation of the freshman, madness, after the pain of the role change, after the eager anticipation of the future, now, I feel more reality. The pressure of reality, the helplessness of reality, the confusion of reality. As the saying goes, "Ignorance is fearless." When a person is ignorant of reality, his heart is full of hope. He sees the bright future. He imagines a beautiful world. And when a person has experienced many tempering of reality, success or failure is no longer the most important. The most important thing is that he really begins to realize the existence of reality, the power of reality, and the inability of individuals to face reality. The helplessness of the description. What is terrible in life is not that the dream is too far away. It is not always a daydream, but suddenly realizes the power of reality. I dare not do some dreams again, and dare not have some dreams. And a person without dreams is destined to be floating dust, no roots, a life without dreams, is also destined to be worthless life, just the simple addition of time, just a few decades of time. "Appreciating a wise, knowing those out" mokingusacigarettes.com. What one is most likely to speculate is the minds of others. The easiest thing to see is the length of others. The hardest thing to understand is that you are the easiest to fall into the definition of yourself. After two years of college life, After 20 years of hard work, I still can't say that I can see myself. I still can't be sure what I want to do. I still can't give myself a clear goal. I can see for myself. Dream. All I can do is to move on, continue to taste life, continue to look for dreams, be strong in failure, keep a bright light in the black cage, and see the green hope in this fallen spring
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